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If you’ve decided to invest in an air conditioning or heating system, it is important to protect that investment with regular maintenance and timely repairs. You need a company with experience and know-how you can trust.
Marcus Poulin, owner of Poulin Cooling, has performed the following installation, maintenance, and repair services for more than 10 years:
● A/C installation and repair
● Air duct installation and repair
● Ductless A/C services
● Heater installation and repair
● Thermostat replacement and installation
● Custom metal ductwork
● Custom vents
● Installation of metal spiral ducting
● VRF systems (Veritable Refrigerant Flow systems)
● Chillers
● Split systems
● Mini split systems
● Package units
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The Importance of Regular Maintenance

If your A/C is functioning properly, it is often easy to forget it’s there. It fades into the background while providing steady comfort to your home or business. But for your system to maintain its performance, it needs regular “check-ups” and service. Just like you wouldn’t drive your car without ever changing its oil, you shouldn’t “drive” your A/C without regular maintenance checks and cleanings.
We recommend that you have your system’s compressor coils and evaporator coils cleaned twice a year. Poulin Cooling can set you up on a regular service schedule that will greatly increase the operating life of your A/C system. At these bi-annual cleanings, we will also check the rest of your system and recommend any preventative maintenance that will help avoid larger problems later.
Approaching air conditioning maintenance in this way will save you the headache of a suddenly malfunctioning system, not to mention the savings to your wallet if small problems are caught early.
Poulin Cooling offers the following maintenance plans:
Basic Service: Two services a year (one before summer and one before winter). Each service includes drain line, condenser coil & heater cleaning, as well as an inspection of the entire system and its components. If anything is found that needs further attention we will let you know.
Pro Service: All of the above plus an evaporator coil cleaning prior to summer to keep the system operating smoothly.
Ultimate Service: All of the above plus two pounds of refrigerant if needed and guaranteed 24-hour response time for all service calls. No up-charge for after-hours or weekend service calls. One free airflow adjustment throughout the entire house.
Rapid Response
When your air conditioning unit (or heating on those cold January nights!) isn’t working properly, you want a company that is going to make rapid repairs a priority. Just call our main number to reach someone about the problem right away. We will send out one of our trained and licensed technicians to get you feeling comfortable again in no time.
Emergency Repairs
Because air conditioning malfunctions don’t always happen conveniently between the hours of 9 and 5, Poulin Cooling offers emergency repair services. Rates vary depending on time and urgency, but our highest priority is the well-being of you and your family.
Residential and Commercial Repairs & Service
Poulin Cooling provides service and repairs to both residential and commercial properties. No job is too big or too small. Whether you live in a small family home or own a large corporate office building, we will treat you like a member of our family and make your comfort our priority. We pride ourselves on being respectful of your time and property, and on being friendly and approachable.
Maintaining Air Conditioning Systems in Florida
There are special conditions in Florida that make regular repairs and maintenance especially important. Due to our extreme heat and humidity, algae growth can be a problem. This can lead to blockages in pipes, which can cause your system to stop functioning properly. Regular service and cleanings can help you avoid a sudden emergency call when a backed-up pipe starts leaking and causing further damage.
The bottom line is that keeping up with regular service and repairs is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your air conditioning system for the longest period of time.
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