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Why Commercial Air Conditioning is Important:

  • Keeps employees and customers comfortable and productive
  • Helps maintain indoor air quality
  • Protects equipment and inventory from overheating and damage
  • Creates a welcoming and professional environment for visitors
  • Ensures compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Contributes to energy efficiency and cost savings with modern systems
  • Helps maintain a positive reputation and brand image for the business

Air Conditioning Selection

At Poulin Cooling, we understand that every commercial property is unique, so we offer personalized consultations to help you choose the right air conditioning system. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a commercial air conditioning system:

  • Size and layout of the building: The size of your commercial property and its layout will play a significant role in determining the size and type of air conditioning system required.
  • Type of business: Different types of businesses have different cooling needs. For example, a restaurant will require more cooling in the kitchen than in the dining area.
  • Number of occupants: The number of employees and customers in your building will also play a role in determining the size of the air conditioning system needed.
  • Budget: Your budget will determine the type of air conditioning system you can afford. We can help you find a system that is both cost-effective and efficient.
  • Environmental impact: Energy-efficient air conditioning systems not only reduce your carbon footprint but also help you save on energy bills.

Air Conditioning Installation

The installation process will depend on the type of air conditioning system you’ve chosen and the layout of your commercial property. Whether it’s a rooftop unit, a ductless split system, or a chilled water system, we’ll do a thorough assessment and provide you with a realistic estimate of the work needed. We’ll then work efficiently to install your new system with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Our professionals will ensure your system is installed safely and correctly. We’ll also ensure that it’s optimized for efficiency and performance, providing your employees and customers with clean, cool air throughout your commercial property. With Poulin Cooling, you can be confident that your new air conditioning system will be installed correctly, with the highest level of professionalism and care.

Air Conditioning Repair

Commercial air conditioning systems are a crucial component of any business operation. When your system breaks down, it can disrupt your business and cause lost productivity and revenue and negatively impact customer satisfaction. To avoid this, regular maintenance is essential. Some signs that your commercial AC system may need service include strange noises, strange smells, increased energy bills, uneven cooling, or a complete system shutdown.

At Poulin Cooling, we offer reliable and efficient repair services for all types of commercial AC systems. Our trained technicians have years of experience and will diagnose and repair your system quickly and efficiently, minimizing any downtime to your business. We also offer regular maintenance plans to ensure your system operates at peak performance, prolonging its lifespan and preventing future problems.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is essential for your company’s operation and reputation. Poulin Cooling offers comprehensive maintenance plans to ensure your system runs at peak performance. Our maintenance plans are designed to keep your air conditioning system functioning efficiently and prolong its lifespan.

Basic Plan:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of your A/C system before summer and winter.
  • Cleaning of the condenser coil and drain line.
  • Test the operation of the system and adjust the airflow.
  • Inspection of the entire system.

Enhanced Plan:

  • Deep cleaning and maintenance of your A/C system before summer and winter.
  • Cleaning of the condenser coil, evaporator coil, and drain line.
  • Test the operation of the system and adjust the airflow.
  • Inspection of the entire system.

Ultimate Plan:

  • Everything included in the Basic and Enhanced plans.
  • Adjust refrigerant up to 2 lbs.
  • Change the air filters on the system.

Signs Your Commercial AC System Needs Service:

  • Strange noises coming from the unit
  • Unusual smells or odors
  • Poor airflow or weak ventilation
  • Inconsistent temperature throughout the building
  • Higher energy bills than usual
  • Water leaks or moisture buildup
  • Unit cycling on and off frequently
  • Ice buildup on the unit
  • Thermostat not functioning properly
  • Dirty or clogged air filters

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At Poulin Cooling, we understand the importance of commercial air conditioning and how it can impact the productivity and comfort of your employees and customers. That’s why we offer exceptional commercial AC services, including installation, repair, and maintenance. We offer free, in-person estimates within 24 hours of being contacted to ensure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions. Contact us to schedule your consultation and get your free estimate today!

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