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    AC Service: What is it?

    An air conditioning service involves a comprehensive system inspection, including cleaning and repair as required. With regular servicing, you can catch and address any issues before they become larger, more expensive problems. This helps you avoid the inconvenience of a malfunctioning air conditioning system and reduces the likelihood of expensive repairs. By scheduling routine maintenance, you can keep your air conditioning system functioning optimally, extending its lifespan and ensuring your indoor air quality remains clean and healthy.

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    Signs Your AC Needs Servicing:

    • The air coming from your vents is not cool
    • The AC system is making strange or unusual noises
    • The airflow from the vents is weak or inconsistent
    • There is a musty or unpleasant odor coming from the vents
    • Your energy bills have increased without explanation
    • The AC system is running constantly or frequently turning on and off
    • There is ice forming on the AC unit or the refrigerant line
    • The thermostat is not accurately reflecting the temperature in your home
    • The AC system is emitting unusual smells or smoke

    For more information on AC services in Clearwater, call us today for an inspection!

    AC Inspection

    During an AC inspection, our technicians will assess your air conditioning system to ensure it’s running at maximum efficiency. Our inspection process includes the following:

    • Checking for proper refrigerant levels
    • Inspecting and cleaning the condenser coils and evaporator
    • Inspecting and cleaning the air filters
    • Checking and testing the system controls
    • Testing the electrical components and connections
    • Inspecting the thermostat

    AC Cleaning

    Cleaning your air conditioning system is an essential part of regular maintenance. Over time, dirt and debris can accumulate in your AC system, reducing efficiency and affecting the air quality in your home or business. Our AC cleaning services include:

    • Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils
    • Cleaning the air filters
    • Cleaning the drain lines
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    AC Repair

    If your air conditioning system is not functioning properly, our team of technicians can diagnose and repair the issue. We specialize in repairing a range of AC issues, including:

    • Refrigerant leaks and recharging
    • Compressor replacement
    • Electrical component repair or replacement
    • Duct repair or replacement
    • Thermostat replacement or repair
    • Drain line clearing

    To learn more about AC repair as part of our AC services in Clearwater, give us a call for an inspection!

    Benefits of Regular AC Service:

    • Improved energy efficiency, reducing energy bills
    • Extended lifespan of the AC unit
    • Reduced need for costly repairs
    • Enhanced indoor air quality by removing contaminants such as dust and allergens
    • Consistent and reliable performance, ensuring optimal comfort levels
    • Prevention of potential safety hazards such as electrical issues or refrigerant leaks
    • Compliant with manufacturer warranty requirements
    • Early detection and resolution of potential issues before they escalate into major problems
    • Enhanced overall value of the property
    • Reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact through improved energy efficiency
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    AC Maintenance Plans

    At Poulin Cooling, we believe preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring your air conditioning system runs smoothly and efficiently. That’s why we offer a range of maintenance plans to suit your needs and budget. Here are the maintenance plans we offer:

    Basic Service

    Our Basic Service plan includes two services yearly, one before summer and one before winter. During each AC service in Clearwater, we will thoroughly clean your system, including the drain line, condenser coil, and heater. We will inspect the entire system and its components for any issues and inform you if further attention is required.

    Enhanced Service

    In addition to the services provided in our Basic plan, our Enhanced Service plan includes an evaporator coil cleaning before summer. This helps ensure your system operates smoothly and efficiently during the hot summer.

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    Ultimate Service

    Our Ultimate Service plan includes everything in the Basic and Pro plans and two pounds of refrigerant if needed. We also guarantee a 24-hour response time for all service calls, with no upcharge for after-hours or weekend calls. We also offer one free airflow adjustment throughout your home to ensure your air conditioning system operates at its best.

    Why Choose Poulin Cooling for AC Service?

    At Poulin Cooling, we understand the importance of a comfortable indoor environment. Our team of experienced technicians is equipped to provide top-notch AC services to ensure your AC system is running at its best. Here’s why you should choose us for your AC services in Clearwater needs:

    • Experienced and knowledgeable technicians
    • Fast response time and prompt service
    • Quality workmanship and attention to detail
    • Affordable pricing and financing options available
    • Excellent customer service and satisfaction guaranteed
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    Get Your Free Estimate Today

    Ensure your home or business remains cool and comfortable all year round by contacting Poulin Cooling for top-quality air conditioning services. Don’t let an inefficient AC system impact your comfort and indoor air quality. Contact us today for a free estimate, with the added convenience of receiving an estimate within 24 hours of contacting us. Poulin Cooling is committed to providing reliable, timely, and customer-focused services that exceed your expectations. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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